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Methuen Youth Baseball

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Update:  Monday - 1:00 PM - - schedule links below reflect updated schedule

Update on Schedules and Web Site:

Methuen Youth Baseball will be moving soon!
With that - we are posting schedules here for Cal Ripken and for Babe Ruth we will be updating these below over the next 24 hours for the first 2 weeks. 
Please bear with us as we apologize for the delay - but in the end, the full functionality and the notification process in the new site will benefit all.  Between the rain and this delay and the very many late sign-ups, we are trying to keep on top of it all as we move towards the 2014 Season!

First Two Weeks of Babe Ruth Schedules


Junior League


·      4/16   5:30    D’Backs / Red Sox                 MHS

·      4/16   5:30    Pirates / Cardinals                Pelham


·   4/18   7:45       Red Sox / Pirates                 Veterans

·      4/18   5:30       Giants / D'Backs                  Pelham

       ·      4/19  7:00pm  Giants / Cardinals           Veterans    

       ·      4/26 7:00pm   D'Backs / Red Sox         Veterans

       ·   4/27  6:00      Giants / Cardinals           Veterans

       ·   4/28  5:30      Red Sox / Cardinals        Veterans

       ·   4/28  6:00      D'Backs / Pirates            MHS


Senior B League


·      4/15   5:30      Giants / Cardinals           Veterans                    

·      4/16   7:45      D’Backs / Pirates             Veterans

·      4/17   5:30      D’Backs / Red Sox           Veterans

·      4/18   5:30      Red Sox / Pirates            Veterans

·      4/19   8:00A   Giants / D’Backs               MHS

·      4/19   8:00A   Cardinals / Red Sox        Pelham

       ·  4/28  7:45     Red Sox / Giants           Veterans
       ·  4/29  5:30     Cardinals / Pirates         Veterans

Senior A League


·    4/14   7:30    Red Sox / Pirates         Veterans                    

·      4/17  7:30    Giants / Cardinals        MHS

·      4/17   7:45    D’Backs / Red Sox        Veterans

·      4/18   7:45    Cardinals / Red Sox    MHS

·      4/22  7:00    Giants / D’Backs           Veterans

·      4/24  7:00    Pirates / Cardinals       Veterans

       ·  4/29  7:45   D'Backs / Giants        Veterans
       ·  4/29  7:30   Red Sox / Cardinals   MHS

Methuen Legion and Jr. Legion Sign ups!


Methuen American Legion Baseball will hold registrations
for the 2014 season on Friday, April 25 from 7-8 PM at
Dunkin' Donuts on Pelham St. Methuen will enter 2 teams
again this year. Seniors (born 1995 and later) and Junior
(born 1997 and later). You can register in person or
supply.. Name - Address - School - Year of Graduation
and Birth Date. Send to

Calendar of Events

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   Other News

              Friday May 16 at the Claddagh Pub
                         Mark the Calendar!
Proceed to benefit Methuen Youth Baseball and Methuen Athletic Improvement Committee"

"Tickets are $25 each and can be purchased from your team's coach or by calling 978-973-0149

Survey Results

Please click the link below to see the initial summary of our 2013 Survey!  We are now reviewing the comments and will provide further analysis when available.

Methuen Ranger Academy

“Play for Your Town”

Download and fill-out THIS FORM to express interest - visit our DOCS CENTER
NEW:  14 Year-Old Team 
We are recruiting for a 14 year-old team.
As we are starting late - there is a reduced fee.
Please contact us at
for more information.
This WILL include 10 weeks of Body by Boyle
starting in March.

Tryouts for Methuen Ranger Academy AAU.  If you have questions regarding this and the benefits of this, see below or contact us at  


Our Goals:


· To develop well-rounded student-athletes.


· To develop players with solid fundamentals at multiple positions in order to become a well-rounded player with a deeper understanding of the game.


· To provide a high-quality AAU experience, with high quality coaching at an affordable price.


· To enhance, not replace, the overall baseball experience in Methuen, from the youth program up to their high school opportunities.


Our Coaching Staff:


Unlike other programs in the area, the focus of our staff is on COACHING and teaching a SYSTEM.

All coaches are, or have worked in capacities as coach at the high school level or higher.

All of our HS coaches will be Massachusetts Certified Coaches by the end of 2014.


While other programs advertise minor or major league players as part of the staff, few will actually see your player and few see coaching as a profession.


With our Academy Style Training - your player will have the full experience of all of our coaches with hands-on instruction. No program in the area can meet this commitment to a system that leads right into the High School system.


Most programs bring in players or former players who each have their own method.

At the Ranger Academy - we want your player to receive consistent instruction to a consistent system year over year and one that leads right into the HS system.


Bat Regulations
Bats without a BPF lableing cannot be greater than a drop factor of -10.
Cal Ripken - Bats should be stamped with either an Approved for Cal Ripken OR Approved for Little League label Bats must be printed with a BPF of 1.15 or less.
Babe Ruth - Please see rules posted elsewhere on this page for Junior League (13) or the composite bat link.  Bats in Sr. A/Sr. B must be an approved drop 3 (-3) bat.